The smartphone market is filled with tons of phones which look and work almost similar except for a few instances when we get to something innovative or at least different. One such instance is now as ZTE has announced its dual-display smartphone named Axon M. Yes, you read that right. This newly launched Android smartphone comes with two displays which are attached to each other with a hinge.

The ZTE Axon M has two 5.2-inch Full HD displays where you can see one of them at a time in its default form. You can then flip the second display like you do on flip phones to make use of both of them as per your need or preference. There are three modes which can be selected to make most of the two displays available on the smartphone.

  • Dual Mode: This mode lets you use two different apps on the two displays. It is exactly like using Android’s native split-screen functionality but as the Axon M has dual displays, you have more area to work with. You can even play two different videos on the phone and switch the audio on the fly.
  • Mirror Mode: It allows you to mirror the content of one display onto another. It means whatever you will do on one display, it will happen exactly same and in almost real-time on the second one. It can be helpful in situations where you can “tent” the phone to show something to the other person while you control it from your end.
  • Extended Mode: This mode makes it possible to use the two displays like a single 6.75-inch display. It simply opens apps in tablet mode (wherever available) to give you a larger area to see and work with. While it is an interesting mode, the hinge does not let you have the unified and seamless display experience as you will easily notice the Black hinge separating the two displays.

Other than the dual-display setup, the ZTE Axon M is a fairly standard Android smartphone with a slightly outdated processor. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage (microSD cards supported). It has only one 20-megapixel shooter with f/1.8 aperture, EIS, phase detection autofocus, and dual-LED flash. As the phone has two displays, this single shooter works as both rear and selfie camera.

The whole package is powered by a 3180mAh battery and will be running Android 7.1.2 Nougat out of the box. ZTE has assured that it has already started to work on Android Oreo update for the phone and it will be released soon.

As for the availability, the ZTE Axon M will be an AT&T exclusive in the United States with sales starting next month. In the future, it will be made available in Japan (via NTT Docomo), China, and Europe with the release likely to happen in the first quarter of the next year. ZTE has not said anything about its plans to bring the phone to India and considering that dual-display is yet to become a mainstream offering, it is unlikely that it will come to India ever. But if the company goes on to release successors, we can surely count on them to arrive over here.