Last Updated: December 1st, 2015.

Yu Yutopia is the first-ever flagship smartphone from the Indian smartphone maker Micromax-owned Yu Televentures. It is yet to be launched officially and Yu is promoting the phone by using the monikers like ‘Beast‘, ‘Unleash the Power‘, and even as the ‘Most Powerful Phone on the Planet‘. Other than these, Yu has been posting a few tweets and teasing the features of the Yutopia. All of these teasers are pointing towards the high-end features and specs for the device.

So, if you have been wondering about what to expect from the Yu Yutopia, then here’s everything that you need to know about the Yu’s Beast.

1. Display:

Yu Yutopia Quad HD Display

Yu has not said anything directly about the display of the Yu Yutopia, but it had tweeted an image while taking a dig at the OnePlus 2 and with the text: “Never Settle for 1080p”. So, if Yutopia is not going to settle for a 1080p display, then it clearly means it will sport a Quad HD (2k) display.

2. Build:

Yu Yutopia Metal Body

Yu has made it official that the Yu Yutopia will come with a Metallic build. To tease this feature, Yu again took a shot at OnePlus 2 and tweeted: “R.I.P. Plastic & Sandstone, True power lies in Metal”.

3. Storage:

 Yu Yutopia Storage

The Yu Yutopia is confirmed to come with 32GB of internal storage. For teasing it, Yu went one step ahead and mocked Apple with the tweet: “$650 for a 16GB phone? Nothing has changed.”

4. RAM:

Yu Yutopia RAM

Yu has not specified the amount of RAM the Yu Yutopia will feature, but it posted a teaser suggesting that it may have 4GB RAM. In the teaser, Yu took a shot at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that features 3GB RAM. It tweeted, “3GB RAM for a flagship. Next is not now.”

5. Battery:

Yu Yutopia Battery

Yu has not commented on the capacity of the battery, but it has revealed that it will feature the Quick Charge technology. It means you will be able to charge the Yutopia in almost no time. As for the teaser, Yu again went on to mock OnePlus 2 with the tweet: “Yutopia can Quick-charge while the kids figure what’s 1+2”.

Yu Yutopia Battery

On November 27, Yu took a dig at Apple again and this time about battery feature. This time, it looks Yu’s pointing out towards the battery capacity of the Yu Yutopia. It said, “Would you enjoy an apple that doesn’t last long?”

6. Availability:

Yu Yutopia Registration

There is no confirmation about when the Yutopia will be launched, but you can register for the smartphone if you want to buy it. Remember, Yu has said, “Register first to own it first”.

So, this is what we know so far about the Yu Yutopia. Stay tuned, we will keep updating the post as and when the new features will be teased/revealed by Yu.

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