Google has announced a new YouTube app named YouTube Go with an aim of allowing users to enjoy their favorite videos without worrying about internet connectivity and speed. The app has been designed from the ground while keeping Indian users in mind, especially the ones who rely on 2G internet connection for their browsing needs.

YouTube Go app makes it possible for users to save any video for offline viewing and makes it better by showing the file size (depending on the resolution)prior to the start of the download. It also shows the amount of space remaining on the device. And to make sure that the user downloads only the video he wants to, there is a slideshow-like preview for every video in the app.

Other than offline viewing, sharing is the second most important aspect of the YouTube Go. The app allows anyone to share videos with their nearby friends via Bluetooth so that they don’t have to think about their data getting consumed.

YouTube Go app will be first made available to users in India followed by the gradual global rollout. At the moment, users are free to signup for YouTube Go app so that they are the first ones to know about its availability.