After declining to reveal its 2015 smartphone sales figures in December, Xiaomi has finally lifted the curtain and as many doubted, it has failed to live up to even its lowest expectations. As per the announcement made by Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin, Xiaomi managed to sell only 70 million smartphones in 2015 which is below its expectations of 80 million units. As you can see that there is a significant difference of 10 million units. These figures appear even worse if you remember that Xiaomi had aimed for 100 million units mark in the first place, before revising it to 80 million.

Even though, it is a 16% growth when compared to 2014 but is a deep decline if you compare it with the previous year when Xiaomi saw a growth of whopping 216%. You can see Xiaomi’s annual smartphone sales in the image below.

Xiaomi Smartphone Sales 2015

Since the majority of Xiaomi’s revenue comes from smartphones and showing tremendous growth has been the key of success for the company to attract investors, it may be the time for it to revisit its strategies and see if there is any need of changing the way it has operated so far.