Xiaomi has been reported to be working on an Android One smartphone in collaboration with Google. The report first appeared about a week ago and now, the same smartphone has allegedly been spotted in a leak shared on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. The leak suggests that the phone is actually known as the Xiaomi Mi A1 instead of the previously speculated Xiaomi A1.

The leak also shows a couple of images of a bezel-less smartphone claimed to be the Xiaomi Mi A1. It means that Xiaomi’s first Android One phone is most likely to sport a bezel-less which will also be a first in this initiative¬†from Google. And that’s not it as the phone is also said to come with dual cameras, another first for the initiative.

While the leak does not reveal anything else, it should be noted that the Mi A1 is said to be a smartphone inspired by the recently launched Mi 5X which also features a dual camera setup. If we go by previous reports, you should see it sporting a 5.5-inch Full HD display along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. If true, this will also make it the first mid-range Android One smartphone as all models so far have been an entry-level offering.

Since the Mi A1 is said to be a part of the Android One initiative, it will be the first Xiaomi smartphone to run stock Android instead of its custom MIUI skin. This is what makes it an interesting device as users will not only get Xiaomi’s tried and tested mid-range hardware package but also a stock Android experience approved by Google. It will also mean assured software update for comparatively longer time than usual smartphones.