World’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is appearing to be working on bringing  support for encryption and Facebook integration. This development came to light after a developer, Javier Santos, posted a couple of screenshots of the app on Google+ showing the two features. The build number of the WhatsApp is 2.12.413 and on the Play Store, it is 2.12.367 which means we can see them in any of the upcoming updates.

The encryption support will bring end-to-end encryption for all the messages that will be sent/received through the app. It can be still be seen as the first step towards making the app secure.

WhatsApp Facebook Integration and Encryption

As for the Facebook integration, the feature is available under the Accounts option after entering the Settings menu. It is said to be optional for the moment which means you are not bound to choose the option and share your information with Facebook. It also appears that if a user chooses not to share his information with Facebook, the can’t change the option again.

Recently, WhatsApp also announced that it has gone free for a lifetime. Earlier, the app used to charge $0.99 annual after the end of the first year as a free trial. The reason for the decision to go free was given that there are many users who don’t own a credit or debit card which is necessary to pay the annual fee.