It was last month when WhatsApp rolled out Snapchat Stories-like Status feature to replace its years-old text-based statuses. But the feature did not receive as much appreciation as WhatsApp would have expected and it started to receive a lot of flak. This seems to be the reason that WhatsApp is all set to bring text status feature back.

With the latest WhatsApp beta v2.17.95, many users have started to see old text status feature again. But this time around, it has been renamed as About which means the Snapchat Stories-like statuses are most likely to be called Status officially.

If you have the latest WhatsApp beta, you can check out About feature by going to Settings and tapping on your profile picture. But it should be noted that it is not necessary that you will get the text status feature just because you have the latest beta. It seems like WhatsApp is rolling out the feature in batches or may be just randomly.

The team has only renamed the feature to About but it works exactly the same way as it did in the past. You still have those default statuses like Available, Busy, and At work among others. It also does not get removed automatically after 24 hours like it is the case with Status feature.

If you are not a WhatsApp beta member already, you can be one by visiting the app’s beta testing page and click the Become a tester button.