WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular cross-platform instant messenger out there as it not only packs almost all essential features but is also quite easier to get started with. One of its quite commonly used features is file sharing which make sharing photos, videos, and other files like PDFs, docs, and sheets as easy as a matter of few taps. But if you are a regular WhatsApp user then you must be aware of the fact that the file sharing support is restricted to only a few file types and now it is appearing to be changing with the latest update.

WhatsApp is now reportedly testing the ability to share any file type including archives with anyone with a few selected users. The feature is said to have been seen by users from countries like Kuwait, Sri Lanka, and India. While those users reporting to be able to share any file format, the most interesting addition is the ability to share APK files via WhatsApp.

Another thing to take a note of is that WhatsApp seems to have increased file size limit as well. It is now said to be 100MB for Android, 128MB for iOS, and 64MB for the web client. While this is still way lower than rival apps like Telegram offers, it is good to see WhatsApp finally raising the bar.

Other than these, there is a change to the way WhatsApp shows when multiple photos are shared. Earlier, it used to show each of those photos like an individual share but from now onwards, it will be showing them in a group which makes it easier to go through all photos.

But as mentioned in the beginning, WhatsApp seems to be testing all these features only with a few selected users around the world. It means it can take some time before these become available to everyone. We will keep you updated regarding the widespread rollout.