Google announced its new augmented reality (AR) platform named ARCore a few days ago. It is basically an improved version of the previously available Tango platform and is capable of bringing AR to millions of Android devices without any need for a dedicated hardware. While it is currently restricted only to Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8, there is now a way through which you can give it a try on your Android smartphone running Nougat or higher.

This workaround has been made available by a community developer who goes by the username tomthecarrot on Github. His project is called ARCore for All which pretty much explains its goal which is to bring ARCore to all unsupported devices. The best part about that project is that it is not only easy to setup but also works without any need for the root access.

All you need to do is download a couple of APK files and sideload them on your Android device to see if it is capable of running them. Here are links to download the required files:

Once you have downloaded and installed the necessary APKs on your device, ARCore should be able to run and you should be able to test different ARCore apps available in the preview. But do keep in mind that Google is yet to mention any hardware requirements for ARCore to work. It means it is hard to tell which Android device will actually be able to run and which will not be. If it works for you, then enjoy ARCore experience but if it does not for any reason, you can choose to let the developer tomthecarrot know by clicking the source link below.

Additionally, you should know that Google ARCore is still in early preview stage which means even if it works for your device, you might encounter performance issues like crashes and other bugs. In that case, just be patient as all these issues will be ironed out as Google will keep releasing updates.