Microsoft-owned Skype started this month with an announcement regarding the complete redesign and arrival of new features for its app across all platforms. And now after almost a week, Skype 8.0 for Android is finally available for download. The latest version brings all those changes and features which were mentioned in the official announcement.

To start off, Skype 8.0 is a lot colorful and also features various cool animations which make the overall user experience more in line with other competing instant messaging apps. The home screen of the app has been divided into three tabs: Find, Chats, and Capture.

The Find tab is the space from where users can search various Skype bots and add-ins which take the overall user experience to beyond video calling and texting. You can use them to get information from different businesses like checking sports news, flight timings, booking tickets, and more. As for the Chat tab, it is what the name suggests which is the home to all your Skype conversations. You can browse through them, pin them, search across them, delete them, and do a lot of other things as well.

As for the Capture tab, it lets you click images and shoot video clips which can be edited (doodling, adding stickers, etc.) and shared with your contacts. You can also add them to your Highlights which is basically a Snapchat Stories clone feature where you can add multiple photos and videos about anything to share with whoever you want.

The all-new Skype 8.0 for Android is currently available for download which you can do by clicking the link below. Do share your experience with the new Skype via the comment section below.