Samsung and Apple are the two titans of the tech world and their rivalry is well-known. The former is even known for firing shots at the other through different ads to show how its products are better than iPhones. And now as Apple has launched the iPhone X worldwide, Samsung is back with another ad taking a jibe at the complete 10-year-old history of iPhones.

The ad has been titled as “Growing Up” which shows an avid Apple fan going through a phase of a change over a period of 10 years where he eventually gives up the iPhone to opt for a Galaxy Note 8. It starts with showing him buying the first-ever iPhone in 2007 where he says “Guess what I just got” as unboxes the package.

The first mocking in the ad shows the iPhone running out of storage as Apple used to offer only 16GB storage for a long time (until 2010). It then moves forward to 2013 where the guy sees his girlfriend using the Galaxy Note 3 with a bigger display and a stylus while he is stuck with a small display and conventional touch input method. The next shot is taken at the fact that the Galaxy Note device is water-resistant while the iPhone needs to be placed in a bowl of rice so that it gets dried. The ad then moves to shows that while the iPhone fan has to rely on weird accessory to listen to music via headphones connected to the dongle and charge the iPhone at the same time, the Galaxy Note user (his girlfriend) is wirelessly charging the device.

As the Apple fan notices that his girlfriend’s Galaxy Note device is always one step ahead of his iPhone, he eventually decides to ditch iPhones and go for the brand-new Galaxy Note 8. He uses the stylus to scribble “Guess what I just got” on the device’s display and then walks across a road where other Apple fans are waiting in line for the iPhone X. It even shows a person with an iPhone X notch styled haircut.

You can watch the complete ad below: