There have been different reports speculating different announcement timeline for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The most recent report suggested an unveiling in February which has now been corroborated by a report from none other than Bloomberg. In the report, it has talked about similar release timelines for next-generation Galaxy flagships.

The report mentions that Samsung is looking to take wraps off the Galaxy S9 in February with sales starting as soon as in March. This means we are likely to see at least a month-early launch of Galaxy S8 successors. It is worth mentioning that nothing is set in stone yet and Samsung can decide to change certain things including unveiling and sales date as things will move forward.

It has also been said that the Galaxy S9 will feature design quite similar to the Galaxy S8 with no significant changes. The consumers can certainly expect an upgrade in the camera department for which a few reports have also suggested a dual camera setup for the Galaxy S9+.

In a separate report shared by SamMobile, Samsung is said to offer 3200mAh battery with the Galaxy S9. This is a bump of 200mAh when compared with the predecessor Galaxy S8 and a good thing for interested buyers. While this does sound like a good news, there is no surety of its confirmation yet.