Samsung recently launched its second flagship of the year, Galaxy Note 8, which means we all have eyes on the next flagship which will be Galaxy S9. While it was expected to arrive around the time of MWC 2018, a new report coming out of South Korea has suggested that Samsung might release the Galaxy S9 earlier than the usual schedule, in January to be specific.

The early release date has been speculated on the basis of the fact that Samsung Display will start shipping OLED panels for the flagship in November. It says that display panels are usually shipped ahead of other components like camera modules and once the shipment is done, it takes about two-three months to complete the assembling process. This is what happened with the Galaxy S8 which made its debut in March-end which is after three months of the display panels shipments.

The report further mentions that an early Galaxy S9 release is also a part of Samsung’s strategy to defend its next flagship product sales against the upcoming iPhone 8 which will be made official on September 12th. There have been tons of rumors related to the next iPhone and Apple is said to disrupt the mobile market with the release like it did about 10 years ago with the first iPhone.

It should be noted that all of these are just rumors at this moment as Samsung is yet to say anything officially about Galaxy S9. While we are still expecting Samsung to make announcements sometime around MWC 2018, the report’s claims also make sense and can not be written off completely. This is the reason we would suggest you take everything with a pinch of salt and not to get excited about any reports at the moment. We will keep you updated as more information will appear regarding the Samsung Galaxy S9.