Reliance Jio and Google are reportedly working on an affordable 4G smartphone for the Indian market. The name of the smartphone is unknown at the moment but is expected to launch later this year. It is also said to work exclusively with Jio’s 4G VoLTE connectivity network.

Google and Jio’s budget smartphone is said to offer better integration of Jio apps with the platform which in turn will offer smoother and optimized performance. It can also help Jio sell more entry-level smartphones to users because of the Google branding.

On the other hand, Google will be benefited the existing reach of Jio to a huge number of first-time internet users. We all remember the Android One program which Google started in 2014 but eventually failed miserably because of releasing budget smartphones with the same set of features from multiple OEMs.

And you might remember that during Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai’s visit to IIT-KGP earlier this year, he talked about bringing budget Android smartphones’ cost in India to around $30. This does give us a reason to believe that Google might actually be working on a budget 4G smartphone with Reliance Jio.

This is surely Google’s second attempt at achieving the goal which it failed to achieve with Android One. It will good to see if it will get any success this time around.