If you have ever used Reddit even for few times, you must have thought that why “the first page of the internet” does not have an official Android app. There are a number of third-party apps like Reddit Sync, but there is just no official app. But here is a good news for you and all the Redditors as things are going to change soon. Reddit has announced that it has started to work on its official app for Android devices and the best part is, they want you to be its beta tester.

The announcement was made by ahiggz (Reddit username), Product Manager for native mobile at Reddit, through a thread on Android subreddit. Since Reddit is seeking beta testers, it means that app has already cleared the alpha stage of testing. It implies that app is quite close to its final release and Reddit just wants to test it at a wider level before going for the public release.

As per the thread, registrations for Beta testers are active from December 11 (11 AM PST) to December 18 (11 AM PST). You have to sign-up using the registration form where you will have to answer a few questions. As per Reddit, they want to include a different variety of users in beta groups.  He did not reveal when exactly beta testing will start but asked users to expect it sometime around next one or two months.

However, merely registration does not guarantee that you will be selected for the beta testing. Reddit has said it has more than 200 million monthly active users and needs only a few thousand beta testers. So apart from registering yourself, you will also need some luck and maybe prayers as well to make it to the final cut.