We know that you must have faced the situation when you want to share photos and videos of your birthday party or a recent vacation to an exotic location but you could not because Instagram allowed only one photo/video at once. But the good news is that the limit has now been removed and now you can post multiple photos and videos on Instagram.

If you are wondering how, here’s the tutorial explaining how you can post multiple photos and videos on Instagram.

Steps to post multiple photos and videos on Instagram:

Step 1: Make sure that you have Instagram app version 10.9 or higher. You can get it either from the Play Store or by using the link given at the end of this tutorial.

Step 2: Tap on the + icon to get to the upload photo interface. You should see the Select Multiple option next to Boomerang and Layout icons.

Instagram Multiple Photos Upload

Step 3: It will give you the interface for selecting photos and videos to share. You can choose up to 10 photos and videos. Tap the Next option when you have selected all photos and videos. Don’t worry about the order as you can change it later as well.

Instagram Select Multiple Photos

Step 4: This will take you to the editing interface from where you can apply filters and adjust brightness, contrast, etc. You can choose to apply a single filter to all photos and videos or apply an individual filter to each photo and video.

Instagram Apply Filters

Step 5: If you want to re-arrange the order, you can do so by long-pressing on the photo/video and moving around left and right. Any photo/video can also be removed by swiping up to the bin icon. There’s also a + icon for adding new photo or video.

Step 6: Tapping the Next icon will take you to the interface for adding the caption and tagging the location. But both caption and location will apply to the whole post, not to individual photo or video.

This way you can share multiple photos and videos on Instagram without worrying about choosing the best one or spamming your followers’ feed with similar photos and videos. But it should be noted that Instagram currently supports only square-shaped photos and videos for the multiple photo upload option.