India’s leading mobile payment and wallet platform provider Paytm is now reported to venture into messaging and communications field to take on WhatsApp. It is said to integrate the messaging feature into its main app within a couple of weeks time which will go live as a beta in the beginning.

The report is coming from The Wall Street Journal which further mentions that Paytm might even allow businesses to text users. The exact details of the feature are unknown but it should offer the ability to send/receive texts and media. While WhatsApp has also been reported to be working on offering peer-to-peer payments in India, it has yet to roll out anything. This is expected to work in favor of Paytm which already boasts over 230 million users as compared to WhatsApp’s 200 million in the country.

Paytm is primarily known for offering features related to digital payments via users’ desktop or smartphones. It became hugely popular during the recent demonetization move last year when the Indian government permanently banned Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. The app also offers an integrated online store from where users can purchase things like clothing items, books, gadgets, book tickets, and pay bills. The ability to access all such features from a single place seems to be the driving force which attracts users to Paytm.