Parchi is a fee Android note taking app launched by Microsoft. The app has been developed as part of the Microsoft Garage Project under which it has launched various apps earlier as well. The app is quite colorful in appearance and is also very useful when it comes to taking down some quick notes. The best feature of the app is that you can also take notes directly from the lock screen. Additionally, you can pin the notes to lock screen for quick reference and even edit them without any need of unlocking the phone.

Taking Notes on Parchi App

For each note, you have the option to choose whether you want to take a simple text note, add photos or want to make it listicle. You can even add hashtags to your notes for a faster search and access. If there is something about which you want to get reminded, then you can also set the reminder by specifying the time and date while taking the note. There are also options which are commonly found in other note taking apps for Android like Mark as Favorite, Archive, Delete, Backup/Restore and Share. The app lets you color-code the notes just like the Google Keep app lets you do. Parchi app also has a very good search feature which lets you look for any particular note on the basis of whether it is listicle, color-code, favorite, has the reminder or has photos.

So, if you are looking for an Android note taking app which is easy and faster to use then Parchi is your best bet. The app not only serves the earlier mentioned purposes but is also has a very colorful and beautiful interface. I liked using the app very much, do give it a try. Also, do tell me what do you think of the app. If you use any other app for taking notes on your Android phone, also share it with me.

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