At the MWC 2016 event, Oppo took the stage to announce next level of its VOOC fast charging technology. It is named as Super VOOC and is really fast when compared to the predecessor or any other fast charging technology available out there for that matter.

Oppo’s Super VOOC is capable of charging a 2500mAh battery up to 45% within just 5 minutes. And if you are wondering how long will it take to charge the battery to full 100%, then it is only 15 minutes. Now, isn’t that really fast?

Oppo also demonstrated the fast charging technology at the event and said that it would be used in the upcoming Oppo smartphones. The Super VOOC fast charging will work with both microUSB and USB Type-C ports. All you need is a Super VOOC Flash Charge adapter, cable, connector, and obviously an Oppo smartphone.

If you are interested in the underlying processing and how does it work, then read below:

VOOC Flash Charge added an intelligent MCU chip (flash core) in the adapter in order to achieve revolutionary voltage open-loop and multi-stage, constant-current charging.

VOOC Flash Charge creatively changes circuit topologies, meanwhile creates an all-side, five-level protection technique from the adapter to the interface as well as the device, securing the safety as well as the speed.

Because of the difference in charging mechanism and efficiency, the temperature of a smartphone using VOOC Flash Charge remains significantly lower during the charging process than a phone using a high-voltage solution. VOOC Flash Charge-enabled devices will heat up by a maximum of only 3.3 degrees Celsius.

Because temperatures can be regulated so effectively during charging with VOOC Flash Charge, the smartphone can safely be used during the charging process. For instance, you can Flash Charge your smartphone while surfing the Internet, watching videos, or playing games.