OnePlus has officially confirmed that none of its current devices will support Project Treble with the upcoming Android Oreo update. The announcement was made by company officials during a Reddit’s AMA-styled thread on its official forums where it invited fans to ask anything related to the latest OnePlus 5T.

Project Treble was announced by Google earlier this year as part of Android Oreo features. It is aimed at solving one of the most common and biggest problems of Android ecosystem which is slow upgrades to newer Android versions. With it, Google has basically removed the part from the Android update rollout cycle where OEMs have to wait until chipmakers (like Qualcomm) make necessary changes to the software code for supporting the hardware and send over the tweaked code.

While all the devices coming pre-installed with Android Oreo will have Project Treble enabled by default, it is not necessary for OEMs to do so if they are updating their existing devices. The latter scenario holds true for OnePlus as it will be upgrading the OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5, and even the last week unveiled OnePlus 5T to Oreo.

It is true that the real world benefits of Project Treble are unknown and we are yet to see if it will actually help in speeding up the update process. But to know that OnePlus is skipping the step of enabling it, this does tell us something about OEMs’ attitude towards releasing software updates.