OnePlus has found itself amidst trouble once again. It has been found to be collecting user’s personal data anonymously and sending it to an Amazon server. These actions of the well-known Chinese smartphone maker were first spotted by a security researcher Christopher Moore who shared all the details regarding the matter on his personal blog.

In his post, Moore mentioned that he found his OnePlus 2 sending data like IMEI number, phone number, MAC addresses, mobile network names, IMSI prefixes, WiFi connection information, and the serial number of the phone. It further included his usage patterns like when he locked/unlocked the phone, launched/closed a particular app, and unexpected reboots. It should be noted that all of this collected data was timestamped by OnePlus which means they would what exactly happened and when.

As the matter caught the attention of worldwide media and tech blogs, OnePlus responded to Android Police and gave some clarification. In the statement, it said that most of the data collected by the company are meant for fine tuning the software experience with the help of usage analytics. It said that sharing of this part of data can be disabled by visiting Setting->Advanced->Join user experience program. Other than this, there another part of data which company says is collected for providing better after sales support.

On the other hand, a Twitter user @JaCzekanski has tweeted that it is possible to completely disable the app responsible for sharing of data and that the method works without root access. To do so, one needs to connect his OnePlus smartphone to the PC using ADB method and after enabling USB debugging. Once this is done, the user simply needs to run the following command: pm uninstall -k –user 0 net.oneplus.odm

It should be noted that while the above-mentioned method is known to work, one should proceed with it at his own risk. There is a probability that it might end up breaking something else on the device.