The recently announced OnePlus 5 is all over the internet with almost every tech enthusiast talking about many of its features and top of the line specifications for a relatively cheaper pricing. Among all features, it is the dual rear camera setup on the flagship which is specifically attracting a lot of attention with many talking about its 2x optical zoom. But as it turns out, the OnePlus 5 offers only 1.6x optical zoom in reality while the rest of it is a result of some software magic.

OnePlus co-founder and CEO Carl Pei tweeted in order to clarify the confusion among fans as well as reviewers and journalists from some of the most influential and respected sites on the internet. In his tweet, he mentioned that they are claiming to offer 2x lossless zoom, not optical which happens to be only 1.6x. OnePlus is using a software-based camera tech referred as “SmartCapture multiframe technology.”

It should be noted that this clarification does not mean that OnePlus 5’s camera is poor or can’t click good photographs. It is still a good smartphone camera but with 1.6x optical zoom, you should not expect photos to be as clear as you would with 2x which is available on the iPhone 7 Plus. While it is hard to say what exactly started the confusion, it is good to know the truth.