OnePlus is a company which has been quite unreliable when it comes to offering software support to its devices. We know that how it promised Nougat update for the OnePlus 2 but later refused to fulfill the same and abandoned the smartphone. But now, it looks like it wants to make up for the behavior by starting very early on the Android Oreo testing for its devices.

As per an anonymous tip received by Android Police, the OnePlus software team is currently testing the OnePlus 3 Oreo update under a closed beta. It means the updated software has been made available only to a few selected people for testing purposes. The update is said to be about 800MB in size and upgrade the OnePlus 3 to Android 8.0 Oreo. Interestingly, the company is said to be hoping to release a public beta by the end of this month which if happens will make it one of the fastest OEMs to do so.

As for the closed beta, it is said to be quite unstable at the moment with a lot of bugs and performance issues. Some of the issues include no NFC working, unstable hotspot, buggy WiFi, and unreliable Bluetooth functionality. But it is something which you would expect from a closed beta software as it is still in early stages which also explains why it is limited to only a few people.

While you might be wondering why OnePlus is testing it with the OnePlus 3 and not with OnePlus 3T or OnePlus 5, the exact reason is unknown but it is certainly good to know that company has not only started so early but is also working with an “outdated” device. But with this release, you can expect the closed beta for the other two newer OnePlus flagships to get started soon.