Since yesterday, there have been multiple reports on the internet suggesting that interested buyers will need to have an invite for buying the OnePlus 5. These reports were referring the possibility of the return of annoying and frustrating OnePlus invite system which it used while selling the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 smartphones. But before you start to get worried about how you will get an invite, there is good news that OnePlus 5 will be sold invite-free to everyone globally.

Yes, you read that right. A OnePlus spokesperson confirmed the same to TechnoBuffalo and put down all speculations regarding the invite system to rest once and for all. In the statement, OnePlus said:

That is referring to an invite to our Indian launch event. The OnePlus 5 will be available to all, invite free.

If you are still wondering what was all the confusion about, then it all started with OnePlus 5 launch page meant for the Indian market which mentions about a launch event invite worth Rs. 999 which entitles buyers to a “OnePlus 5 Invite Code” among other goodies. In addition to this, the page reads “Invite holders will receive a OnePlus 5 invite code at the launch event.” As you can notice, these two statements are more than enough to confuse anyone and make him think that there will be an invite system through which users will be able to buy the next flagship. But in reality, the invite is needed only for attending the OnePlus 5 launch event scheduled to take place on June 22nd in Mumbai.

But now, it seems like everything has been sorted out. It is official that OnePlus 5 will be sold without any kind of invites or flash sales. You will be able to purchase it like any other smartphone at anytime you want.