The all-new Google Earth is officially here for you to explore our planet Earth in a completely new and a lot more interactive way. This is the first major update for the tool in last 2 years and is totally worth it. It brings a lot of changes including 3D maps, interactive guided tours, and more.

One of the most interesting features of the new Google Earth is Voyager which is basically a compilation of various guided tours. Each of these tours is related to a specific place or theme and comprises of 360-degree videos, Street View, and other rich media content. One of these tours is Natural Treasures in collaboration with BBC Earth which takes you on a tour of various habitats on the planet. There are currently more than 50 tours to choose from but there will be new ones which will be added in the future.

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Other than these guides, you can always use the search bar to explore any place that you might like. You will also find iconic “I’m Feeling Lucky” option this time which will take you to a random place on Google Earth. For different places, Google has also added “Knowledge Card” which offers you all the relevant information about them.

If you are interested in trying out the new Google Earth, you can do so by visiting the web app on Chrome or installing the Android app.