If you have been waiting for the release of the Moto 360 (3rd gen), Huawei Watch 2 or a new one from LG, then you will have to wait quite longer as there will be no watches coming from these three major brands. Motorola, LG, and Huawei have confirmed that they are not interested in releasing new Android Wear smartwatch this year.

The confirmation was made by all the three brands to CNET which means a dull and dry time ahead for Android Wear fans until next year. There are a number of reasons behind companies going with this decision. The major reason is that people are generally preferring fitness trackers over smartwatches and have not really been convinced to go for the expensive option. Another reason is that smartwatches (except for a few) depends on smartphones for calling purposes and if OEMs wants to add standalone calling facility, it will end up making them bigger.

The LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition was the first Android Wear smartwatch to come with standalone 4G LTE connectivity but had to be stopped from selling because of some manufacturing defect. It was re-launched earlier this year and only a few lucky ones have managed to get one. It also happens to be the only Android Wear smartwatch from a major Google partner for this year as Motorola and Huawei has continued with their Moto 360 (2nd gen) and Huawei Watch respectively.

And it’s not like only Android Wear OEMs are suffering because of the struggling smartwatch market. Even Apple has felt the heat as its shipments dropped by 55% this second quarter when compared to one year ago. But it decided to go on with the Apple Watch Series 2 and as there no new Android Wear smartwatches coming this year from any of the major brands, its only competition seems to be against Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear S3.