MWC 2017 is over and Motorola took the stage to announce new mid-rangers Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus along with teasing a bunch of new Moto Mods for Moto Z series. But it seems like the upcoming Moto Z (2017) flagship was also apparently present there. Feeling puzzled? Well, read on.

As spotted first by Android Central, Motorola accidentally (or maybe not) revealed the Moto Z (2017) smartphone when it was talking about all new Moto Mods which will be coming in the future. You can see the image above showing the Gamepad Moto Mod slide where the smartphone has the newly designed fingerprint scanner in the oval shape along with Moto branding. While this scanner made its debut with the Moto G5 phones, we know that Moto Mods work only with Moto Z series. This makes a good reasoning for believing the smartphone shown in the slide is most likely to be the Moto Z (2017).

Additionally, the U.S. carrier Sprint teamed up with Motorola to show off its data connectivity speed over the Gigabit LTE network this week. It made use of an upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-powered Motorola device to show off the fast internet connection in New Orleans.

As you can see that the mysterious Moto device is inside a case and has been taped over to prevent people from getting any idea of the phone’s design and aesthetics. But as the phone is confirmed to be running Snapdragon 835, there is a high probability that it is also the Moto Z (2017) flagship.

Even though both of these tease hints at the upcoming Moto Z (2017), we will still have to wait until Motorola makes any official statement or we come across some more concrete leak.