You might not know, but Motorola was the first company to launch a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. It was Atrix 4G launched in 2011, but if you will look at the phones launched by Moto in past few years, none of them has a fingerprint scanner. This appears to be more surprising when most of the smartphone makers are launching their phones with the technology. But the things are going to change this year.

Lenovo Group’s senior vice president and president of Lenovo in China and Asia Pacific region, Chen Xudong has confirmed in an interview with Chinese website Sina Technology that all the Moto phones in 2016 will come with fingerprint scanner technology.  He further confirmed that all the Motorola phones for the year will have at least 5-inch screen size. It gives us an idea that we may not see another variant of the Moto E this time. Xudong also said that Google Play Services will make a return to China this year.

While the above confirmations are certainly a good news for many of the Moto fans and users, there is another confirmation made by Xudong which may not see a good reception from the users. He said that both Lenovo and Motorola will be merging their VIBE UI and stock Android UI to make a new UI which will be unveiled in 2017.

We all know that stock Android experience is the USP of Moto phones and if they will be launched with a new UI next year, there is a pretty high probability that the decision may not work for Lenovo and Motorola the way they will be expecting it to.

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