Motorola has finally agreed to honor its promise of upgrading the Moto G4 Plus to Android Oreo. The confirmation has arrived in the form of an official statement sent to Android Police after the latter published a post criticizing the company for backtracking on a promise it made at the time of the launch of the Moto G4 series.

In the official statement, Motorola has said that the promise of upgrading the Moto G4 Plus to Android O was a result of an error in marketing materials and an oversight on the company’s part.

Here is the full statement from the company:

“It’s been brought to our attention that there were some errors in our marketing materials around Android O upgrades for Moto G4 Plus. This was an oversight on our part and we apologize for this miscommunication. It’s our general practice for the Moto G family to get one major OS upgrade per device, but it’s important to us we keep our promises, so in addition to the N upgrade it has already received, we will be upgrading Moto G4 Plus to Android O. Because this is an unplanned upgrade, it will take some time to fit it into our upgrade schedule. Watch our software upgrade page for more information.”

This is indeed a good news but it should be noted that Motorola will be upgrading only the Moto G4 Plus. If you own a Moto G4 or Moto G4 Play, you will either have to contain with Android Nougat or simply go for flashing a custom ROM based on Oreo. You might be wondering if Moto G4 Plus is getting the update, then why not other two models. This is simply because only Moto G4 Plus’ marketing materials mentioned Oreo update promise and which is why Motorola is updating only this variant of the series.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Motorola has said that the Moto G4 Plus Oreo update will “take some time” because it is an unplanned upgrade and they need to fit it in their existing upgrade schedule. This basically means that don’t count on receiving the update anytime sooner. If you are okay with waiting for months to receive the update, you can do so otherwise you can also go for custom ROM installation.