Google has released the updated Android distribution chart and as per the data, Android Marshmallow has finally crossed the 1% mark. It took Google’s latest Android version four months to cross the mark since its public release. If you are looking for the specific figure, then it is installed on 1.2% of all the Android devices.

It is indeed a significant amount of time taken by Marshmallow to reach 1% of the devices. But, we can expect the rate to grow at slightly faster rate considering the fact various companies are working on rolling out the update as well as there are phones which are launching the latest OS pre-installed.

As for the other Android versions, KitKat is still the leader of all with a share of 35.5%. It is closely followed by Lollipop at 34.1% but considering the fact KitKat’s share is declining gradually, one can expect Lollipop to take the top spot quite soon. Interestingly, Android Froyo v2.2 is still in the list with a share of 0.1%.

Android Distribution February 2016