Last year, OnePlus became the first company to do a product launch in the virtual reality when it launched the OnePlus which was later followed by Samsung for the launch of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Now for the OnePlus 3 launch, OnePlus is doing the same thing but at a bigger level and something extra to offer to the participants.

OnePlus has announced its own VR headset referred as the Loop VR. It has been made in partnership with AntVR and will not only allow users to watch the OnePlus 3 launch event in the virtual reality but will also let them purchase the device before anyone else and that too in VR. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has referred it as “world’s first global shopping experience in VR.”

OnePlus Loop

OnePlus had also made 30,000 units of the Loop VR headset available for free including shipping but as you would expect, they are out of stock at the moment. But you don’t have to feel sad because if you are in India, then you have two more chances to get your hands on it. The Loop VR headset will be available on Amazon India for Rs. 1 on June 3rd and 7th, the days when it will go on sale. Although, do make sure to register yourself for the sale so that you can try your luck at getting the VR headset for only Rs. 1 (excluding shipping charges).

OnePlus has not mentioned the launch date of the OnePlus 3 yet but if we go by the last year, then it should happen within 1 month.