The LG V30 is the newest flagship offering from the South Korean OEM and while it brings a lot of changes to the table, it is the camera department where the device offers a bunch of significant features and capabilities. This is the reason the phablet has an even better camera app and if you are an LG G6 owner who is feeling envious, here is a good news for you.

A recognized XDA developer xpirt has now released an LG V30 camera app port for all the LG G6 owners worldwide. This port brings all those cool features from the LG V30 camera app to the LG G6 but with only one condition applied, you should have a rooted device. It is because the ported app needs to be flashed via a custom recovery and it goes on to replace the stock LG G6 camera app.

As per the developer, the port offers all LG G6 camera app features along with all new LG V30 camera modes including manual controls and Graphy features. The only exclusion is the Cine mode because it is dependent on sensors which are unavailable on the LG G6. It further means that the Cine mode will never be coming to the device due to hardware restrictions.

The port was initially developed only for Fulmics ROM for the LG G6 but after seeing the demand, the developer updated it to make it compatible with all rooted LG G6 devices. So, if you have an LG G6 with root access and you would like to try out the LG V30 camera app port on it, simply click the source link below to head over to the official thread and download necessary files.