If you like to keep yourself updated about the stuff related to Google, then you must have noticed about the reports talking that Google is testing a new feature called ‘Review Highlights’ on Play Store. However, if you have not, we will tell you what exactly is it about.

The feature is focused towards helping users decide whether a particular app is good or bad faster and easily. It basically shows you the phrases that are used by users most frequently, for example: best multiplayer game, addictive, server error, slow, crashes, great graphics, etc. Google also shows you the number of reviews in which a particular phrase has been used along with an excerpt from a review that contains that particular phrase.

You can see the screenshots below for a better understanding:

Apps with Review Highlights Feature

If you are not seeing the feature on your Android device yet, then don’t worry. It is most probably either still in testing phase or Google has started to roll out the feature in phases. We are more confident about the latter because recently, many users have started to post that they have received the feature. But we do know that this feature is a server-side change and not an update that you may be waiting for. The reason is that we have a couple of smartphones and a tablet running the same version of Play Store (v6.0.5), but we are able to see the Review Highlights only in the tablet as of now.

So, we decided to dig into the Plays Store to find out what else is interesting about the feature which itself seems to be interesting. And during the course of our inspection, we noticed a fairly interesting pattern and it is that the Review Highlights is available only for those apps that have more than 1 million installs. Don’t trust us? Look at the screenshots below from the apps with less than 1 million downloads and the ones we posted above, they all are above the 1 million mark.

Apps without Review Highlights Feature

So, you saw that. While we are not sure whether this is something because the feature is in early stage or it is going to stay this forever, but in our opinion, the feature will make no sense if the latter comes out to be true. Our reasoning behind saying that is that Google is most probably rolling out this feature to help users decide whether an app is worth installing or not. So, if the search giant is going to make it available only for apps with 1 million+ installs, then they are already popular apps. In our opinion, the feature should be focused on the apps which are not popular.

But again, we are just making assumptions, we really don’t know whether it will remain the same way. What do you think of it? Do you agree with us? Share your views with us using the comments section below.