After a number of leaks and bunch of teasers, Huawei has finally launched its quite anticipated smartphone named Honor Magic. The phone is the newest addition to its lineup of sub-brand Honor and is the coolest, smartest, and most innovative smartphone from the brand yet.

The Honor Magic is visually stunning and a head turner as it sports a 5.09-inch AMOLED Quad HD display with dual-curved 3D glass. It looks a polished slab of glass unless you notice the side-frame housing volume rockers and power key. There is only the fingerprint scanner on the front with no physical home button. You will need to press the scanner button to go home, double-tap for going to recent apps, and swipe left to go back.


Under the hood, it has last year’s Kirin 950 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. There is a 12MP dual rear camera setup same as the Honor 8 and an 8MP front camera. The whole package is powered by a 2900mAh battery and ships with Android Marshmallow v6.0 with Honor Magic Live OS. It’s basically an implementation of AI which makes the Honor Magic stand out from the crowd and “magical.”

To start with, it features WiseScreen sensor which makes use of the sensor on the frame and front camera’s infrared sensor and wakes up the phone as soon as you pick it up. It means no more searching for the power key and reaching out to it. And the moment you keep the phone down, the display will automatically get turned off within one second.


FaceCode Intelligence Recognition is another cool feature which reveals notifications content only if it recognizes the user as the owner or registered user of the phone. It means if someone is not registered, he/she will not able to see the content of notifications arriving on your phone.

Other cool implementation of Honor Magic’s AI is that analyzes your usage pattern and suggests apps and shows relevant information on the lock screen accordingly. For example: If you book a movie ticket, it will show you information related to your ticket the moment you will reach the movie theater. If you booked a cab, it will show driver information on the lock screen. It can also suggest you switch to driving mode if it detects you are driving.


It can even suggest various apps on the basis of usage pattern and time of the day. It can show a shortcut to music app on the lock screen around the time when you listen to music more often. It can show a shortcut to turn on the flashlight when you are in dark.These are some of the examples of what Honor Magic’s AI can do.

These are some of the examples of what Honor Magic’s AI can do. It’s basically like Google Now but the ability to check and have required information without even unlocking the phone.


As you would expect, Huawei has priced the Honor Magic costlier than previous phones. It has been launched only in China priced at 3699 Yuan (Rs. 36,060/$530). There are two colors to choose from: Porcelain White and Golden Black. Unfortunately, there are no words on the international availability of the Honor Magic. We will keep you updated as more information will appear.