After about couple of months of announcing the three devices that will be receiving Android Nougat update, HTC has now finally shed some lights on estimated arrival time. In a tweet, HTC has said that the HTC 10 will be receiving Android Nougat update in Q4. It means by the time 2016 ends, you should see Nougat on your HTC flagship device for this year.

Once HTC 10 is updated, the company will release the update for the HTC One M9 and One A9. Do remember, this schedule is for unlocked versions. If you have any of these three HTC phones but with a carrier contract, you will have to wait for more time to receive the latest Android version.

If you might remember that at the time of One A9’s launch, HTC had promised to release updates for the device within 15 days of Nexus devices getting updated. It has already failed in fulfilling that promise but as HTC has received the Android Nougat source code, we can expect to receive the update in the specified time frame. If you have an HTC phone, keep your fingers crossed.