If you are reading this post, then it means you either want to root OnePlus 2 or you are simply interested in knowing about the stuff. In either case, this method will surely help you because it is the official guide from OnePlus itself.

However, as it is the case with any rooting method or guide, it is advised to create a backup of all of your apps and important data. Do ensure that your OnePlus 2 has at least 70% of battery just to be on the safer side. Once you have done both the above-mentioned steps, you need to download a few tools which you would be using as you will be following the guide. You can download them using the links given below.

Once you have downloaded all the files, you are good to go. Now, simply watch the video posted by OnePlus in which they will guide you through all the steps for rooting the OnePlus 2.

Although after watching the video, you will be able to root OnePlus 2 very easily, but if you still have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Additionally, you can also comment about your thoughts regarding OnePlus releasing a rooting guide itself. Do you think other smartphone makers also do the same?