If you are a Google Hangouts users and among many of those who have a complaint about not-so-good call quality of the service, then here is a good news for you. Google Hangouts seems to be switching to a peer-to-peer connection for providing an improved audio/video calling experience.

The Google Hangouts app on Android received an update recently after receiving which many users have reported about coming across a pop-up with the message, “Hangouts will improve quality for future calls by routing audio and video over a direct, peer-to-peer connection, when possible.”

Hangouts Peer-to-peer Connectivity

Additionally, Google has set up a new support page which mentions about peer-to-peer calling in Hangouts. It mentions that this switch will help Google to route the call more efficiently when compared to the traditional way which includes routing through Google’s servers. It further states that the peer-to-peer connection will reveal the IP Address of both the users involved in the call. However, 9to5Google has noted that, at the moment, there is no known way of checking it via the Hangouts app.