If you are someone who relies on Google’s Drive service for creating and storing a backup of your Android device, here is something you should keep in mind. All of your Android backups stored on Google Drive will be deleted automatically if your Android device remains inactive for a period of 60 days i.e. two months. This is something Google implemented probably a long time ago but it never advertised very well. As a result, a Reddit user Tanglebrook learnt it the hard way.

In the thread, he mentioned: “I needed to refund my 6P a couple months ago, and have been using an old iPhone until I find a good Android replacement. Last week I randomly glanced at my Google Drive Backup folder, and the Android backup for my 6P was missing.” Being curious to know what happened, he did some digging and also contacted Google Drive support from where came to know about the reason behind the deletion of the backup and that it is unrecoverable now. The worst part is that this holds true even if you are paying for Google Drive storage.

Via: Android Police

This is something which is also mentioned on the Google Drive Help page where Google has mentioned that the backup will be stored as long as a user will keep using the device. It further says an expiration counter may be seen by the user if the device is inactive for two weeks. Google has not mentioned specifically but it is assumed that this expiration counter should reset if you use the Android device at least once during this period.

While cloud services deleting unused backups after a specific period of time is not something new or unexpected, it is the absence of any clear advertisement of such a possibility from Google which can be a topic of debate.