Google is testing is a new feature named ‘Wait for WiFi’ that will allow users to queue their app downloads until the device gets connected to a WiFi. The feature is being tested with a small group of users and there’s no way to get it by yourself. But thanks to the tipster himanshu, there is a screenshot through which you can see how the feature works.

When you will start downloading any app on the Play Store, the new feature will show you two options: Download Now and Wait for WiFi. While the first is self-explanatory, the second feature will add that app into a queue where it will start getting downloaded only when your device is connected to a WiFi. You can choose this feature for multiple apps and add them to the queue together. Another good thing is that while picking the option, you can choose whether you want to use it Just Once or Always.

At the moment, the Google Play Store shows Download using WiFi only option that you can check or uncheck. If you choose to check it, then the app will get downloaded only on WiFi but you will have to go the app and download it manually. It does not start downloading automatically on WiFi.

The new feature is definitely a handy one for those who are not connected to WiFi all the time and there is no doubt that such users are pretty huge in numbers. For now, ‘Wait for WiFi’ feature is in beta and Google warns that if the feature gets removed, the apps may start downloading on mobile data.