Google is now testing a new Search Lite app on Android with a small set of users in Indonesia. As the name suggests, it is a light version of its default search app and is aimed at offering faster search results to users who rely on slow or unstable internet connections. The app was first spotted by Android Police and appears to be a part of Google’s goal to bring next billion users online like the YouTube Go app.

The Google Search Lite app weighs just over 3MB in size and has been optimized to work smoothly not only on slow connections but also on lower specced smartphones. The first step to setting up the app includes selecting your Google account and choosing the app language. While the app is being tested in Indonesia, it also offers Hindi and other Indian languages to choose from which gives us a hint that the app will be coming to India soon.

Once you have done this, you will be welcomed by the Search Lite app’s home screen which features a bunch of shortcuts and a search bar along with microphone icon (for voice search) at the bottom. The default shortcuts are related to Search, News, Weather, Images, Top Sites, Nearby, etc. but you can always customize them from settings. Tapping on any shortcut will give you relevant results accordingly but you can also use the search bar for any other search that you might want to do.

During my brief usage of the app, I found it to be quite fast and smooth. It shows results in real-time as you type in the query in the search bar. It is also using the lite version of the browser for opening links which you might tap on after seeing search results.

The Google Search Lite app is currently under beta testing but the way it has been working even now, I am quite optimistic about its usage and functionality once it becomes available for masses. If you would like to try out the app, grab the APK from the link below and side load on your Android device to get started.

Google Search Lite APK