Google is now reported to have killed the Pixel XL 2 “muskie” for an even bigger device codenamed “taimen” which is said to be manufactured by LG Electronics. It seems like the search giant has once again shaken hands with one of the most experienced Nexus device makers after releasing the original Pixel and Pixel XL in partnership with HTC.

The information regarding “muskie” Pixel XL successor being dead was first shared by Android Police citing several sources. It further reported that even though Google is not working on the codenamed device anymore, the successor to Pixel XL is most likely to arrive in the form of “taimen” device which was originally reported by Droid-Life a couple of months ago. There is very much known about this new device in works at Google offices but it is said to be even bigger than the “muskie” which is in terms of the display panel, not the actual body size. It means we might see something like the LG G6 which has a bigger display within a relatively smaller body.

Now, the existence of “taimen” device has been corroborated by a new report from 9to5Google which spotted a reference to it in Android Issue Tracker. It mentions that an LG employee was reporting about a “USB PD Compliance Failure” issue on the thread to which a Google worker replied by asking to close a previously discussed bug and move it under “Android > Partner > External > LGE > Taimen > power.”

As you can notice “LGE” which refers to LG Electronics and gives a strong reason believe that LG is indeed working at least on the Pixel XL 2. There is no information if the “walleye” Pixel 2 is being made by LG or some other OEM.

Other than this, Google reportedly has partnered with LG Display under which it will be investing 1 trillion won (about $876 million) for ensuring a stable supply of OLED panels for future Pixel offerings. This is said to be a strategic kind of partnership between the two companies instead of being a direct purchase agreement.