Google is reportedly working on a laptop named Pixel 3 running on Andromeda OS. The report cites two different reliable sources and mentions that the laptop is codenamed ‘Bison’ internally. It is expected to get official in Q3 2017 which means don’t get your hopes high for the October 4th event where it will be announcing Pixel smartphones.

For uninitiated ones, Andromeda OS is a rumored operating system which is said to be a merger between Chrome OS and Android. It will basically be Android but with some features inherited from Chrome OS. The OS was first mentioned in an article from The Wall Street Journal last year. It is also worth mentioning that this is a completely different project from Google’s project for bringing Android apps to Chromebooks.


Coming back to the Google Pixel 3 laptop, it is rumored to sport a 12.3-inch display. Under the hood, it is expected to have Intel m3 or Core i5 processor with 8GB/16GB RAM and 32GB/128GB storage options. It is expected to have a “tablet mode” which means it could be convertible with either detachable keyboard or foldable mode like Lenovo Yoga laptops.

The keyboard is reported to be backlit and a glass trackpad with haptic feedback. There are a number of ports as well which include two USB Type-C ports and 3.5mm headphone jack along with fingerprint scanner and support for the stylus. A Wacom pen is said to get sold separately. Google is expected to price the Pixel 3 laptop aggressively at $799.

While the Pixel 3 is said to go official in Q3 2017, it should not be surprising if Google takes the stage during October 4th event and present a demo of Andromeda OS.

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