Google introduced Pixel brand last year as part of its “Made by Google” campaign where it launched two smartphones. Both Pixel smartphones managed to impress critics and users except for the expensive pricing and questionable design approach. But this is 2017 which means the year where we will get to see the Pixel successor. And now, we have come across first Pixel 2 rumors reported by 9to5Google‘s Stephen Hall citing his source.

To start off things, Google is considering waterproofing for the Pixel 2 smartphone. It’s a feature which has become common among flagships in modern times but we did not see with Pixel or Pixel XL. While Hall earlier tweeted that waterproofing was definitely coming to next Pixel, his source later mentioned that it is still under consideration.

Google is also said to be playing around with different chipset options for the Pixel 2. From the early days of Nexus phones to last year’s Pixel, we have seen Qualcomm has Google’s only pick. But it seems like things might change this time around. The report mentions that Google is testing some Pixel 2 variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon 83X chipset and some others with Intel processors. It even considered MediaTek offerings at a point of time but that is off the table for now. But the most interesting bit of information is that Google is even said to have developed a custom chipset for a test device and it is unknown whether this custom chipset will come inside the Pixel 2.

We know that camera is one of the best things about the original Pixel as it amazed almost everyone with its picture-taking capabilities. Google is focusing on Pixel 2’s camera as well and wants to improve it to take the next level. It is less likely to make changes to the megapixel count but is working on enhancements to other features like low light photography.

At last, Google has plans of releasing a budget Pixel model said to be internally known as “Pixel 2B.” This model is said to be aimed at emerging markets with low on power and pricing. The launch of Pixel 2B is reported to happen either alongside the Pixel 2 or shortly after.

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