Google Maps is the leading maps and navigation app available on Android and has now been improved with the latest update. The newer update brings a redesign to the app which makes it easier to get real-time nearby info with just one swipe from the bottom.

The Google Maps app now has a bottom bar which can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom. This bar comprises of three tabs aimed at offering nearby places recommendations, live traffic info, and live transit info.

The first tab of the redesigned app shows the listing of restaurants and hotels nearby which you can visit to get a lunch or dinner. It also shows different places like nearby ATMs, gas stations, pharmacies, and grocery stores. For each listing, the app even shows a short description, related images, and other relevant information.

The second tab of Google Maps’ new bar is dedicated to offering real-time traffic info related to home and work locations of the user. It shows different routes for reaching the destination (home or work) along with estimated time of arrival.

The last tab is similar to the second one but aimed at those who prefer public transit instead of a driving themselves. Other than the information mentioned in the second tab, it shows details regarding public transport like buses.

While none of these is a new feature on Google Maps, the latest update and redesign simply makes it easier for users to get the information faster and in an easier way.