Google took on Twitter to post a new promotional video of Google Maps which has caused many Android enthusiasts to panic and created a stir in the whole community. The reason for this kind of reaction is that the video shows a rendered Nexus 6P without an app drawer.

You can see that when the app starts, it shows app icons placed on the home screen, the dock, and then there is no app drawer icon. While this is only a rendered smartphone and confirms nothing, it has certainly ignited the debate over rumors suggesting Google’s plans to remove the app drawer with the release of Android N.

A week ago, Android Authority had also reported citing a couple of its sources that Android N’s pre-release builds don’t come with an app drawer. The other reason to think about Google’s such a move is that the LG G5 does not have an app drawer. Although, the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge come with it but both of them have an option inside Settings using which can disable the app drawer.

The main concern over Google’s decision to go without an app drawer is that it has been a part of every Android version so far. It is like an integral part of Android and one of those features which make it different from its closest rival Apple’s iOS. While we have seen custom ROMs like Xiaomi’s MIUI, Huawei’s EMUI, and Oppo’s Color OS which don’t have an app drawer, the stock Android have also featured one.

This is the reason that Android lovers are not liking this idea and every rumor or hint towards such a move are creating a buzz. Even I, myself, doesn’t like having all of my apps on the home screen and app drawer is one of the things which I love about Android.

What is your opinion about this? Are you in favor or against an app drawer on Android? You can share your views with us on the topic via comments section below.