It was last late last year when Google introduced feed, an aggregation interface which shows news and information based on your interests and search history, with a goal of making Google Now cards more relevant and useful. And now, Google has announced a major update to the feed which will make it smarter and a lot more personalized for each user. In addition to looking for your interests and searches to show you content, the Google app will now also consider your location to show news and videos trending nearby you and around the world with the help machine learning.

While showing any content in your Google feed, it will take in account your level of interest in a particular topic which will be determined by how often you manually look for that particular topic or read already suggested articles. But if you happen to come across any content or topic which you don’t like or simply don’t want to see in the feed, you can always unfollow it using the three dot icon given on the info card or by visiting app settings.


Google usually looks at your searches to figure out what could be your interests but it is not always easy for it to know if you actually like a particular topic that you are searching for. This is the reason it will now show a Follow button next to the certain type of searches like TV shows, movies, artists, and other celebrities. Tapping on this button will add that topic to your list of interests and in the future, the feed will show you relevant content.


While the feed helps you stay updated on your topics of interest, it also shows news items trending around your location or the world. And to make sure that you get all the necessary information related to a particular topic, it will now show a series of related news items so that you can know what exactly is going on.

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The latest Google feed update roll out has been started in the United States and for other countries, it will be made available in coming two weeks. You simply need to be patient and keep looking for changes to your feed to know that the update has arrived. It should be noted that the feed update is not a part of any new or separate app but will become available via the existing Google search app.