Google has announced that all certified Android devices will be featuring the Play Protect logo in the future. This logo will be present on the packaging of these devices and will help buyers know that the particular Android device is “safe and secure” as per Google’s security standards. The move is part of the Play Protect program under which Google is aiming to make Android platform as much secure as possible.

Android is currently world’s most widely used smartphone operating system with over 2 billion active devices. It clearly means that it is like a goldmine for all hackers and prying eyes waiting to exploit any vulnerability or security flaw they can discover. While Google has been offering security scanners on Android devices behind the scenes for quite a long time, it decided to bring its native scanner in the foreground with the announcement of Play Protect at Google I/O 2017 event.

The Play Protect security suite comprises of an app scanner, browser protection, and anti-theft measures and is an always-on offering. It was made available to devices at a slow pace but recently, Google revealed that it is now present on 500 million devices worldwide. If you want to check whether it is on your device, simply go to Settings -> Google -> Security and look for Google Play Protect option. If it is there, you can tap on to check when was the last time it scanned your apps and which apps. If it is not, be patient as it will arrive automatically.

Now with Google’s decision to brand certified Android devices with Play Protect logo, it is hoping to make Android users more aware.  If you are wondering what exactly do certified devices mean, here is how Google explains it:

“Google provides certification for Android devices to make sure users receive secure and stable experiences. We work with manufacturers across the globe to run hundreds of compatibility tests that ensure devices adhere to the Android security and permissions model. These tests also verify that the Google apps pre-installed on devices are authentic and that apps from the Play Store can work as intended.”

Google has even set up a dedicated website for certified Android devices and Play Protect benefits.