At the Google for India 2016 event held in Delhi today, Google announced that it is working on bringing native support for the Hindi language to Google Assistant. The support is expected to arrive in “preview” mode by the end of this year and will be available within the recently launched Google Allo app.

The reason for making Google Assistant compatible with the Hindi language is that Hindi is the world’s fourth most-spoken language which means once Google Assistant gets support for Hindi, it will open the doors for Google to add millions of more users to Allo from India.

Google said that users will be able to switch between English and Hindi languages easily and also demonstrated the same on the stage. Other than this, Allo will also get Indian stickers and Smart replies in Hinglish. Google said all of these new features will come to Allo in India by the end of this year.

Additionally, Google revealed that its video messaging app Duo is also receiving a good response from India. In fact, it mentioned India as one of the top two countries (other one being the USA) from where the app is seeing the most interaction. One of the many reasons behind this is said to be Duo’s ability to adjust the call quality on the basis of the internet connection.