Google has now setup a dedicated total solar eclipse page on the official Android website where it has also shared some information regarding the release of Android O. The next major Android version will be getting official on the same day when the United States will see its first total solar eclipse in about 100 years which is August 21st. This seems to be the reason behind the selection of the date which was also mentioned by many tipsters last week.

It is currently unknown whether Google will actually be launching Android O for public or will simply announce the official name. Either way, the search giant has specifically mentioned that the event will be live-streamed on August 21st starting 2:40 PM CET from New York City. There is also a countdown on the web page to the start of the event along with the text:

“Android O is touching down to Earth with the total solar eclipse, bringing some super (sweet) new powers!”

As you can see, it is the “touching down” which is creating doubts whether it is a fully-fledged launch or just the unveiling of the name. Android O is currently in its fourth developer preview stage which means we are not too far away from the official launch and it is just around the corner. The same dedicated page also lists a direct link to NASA’s live streaming page for the total solar eclipse.

Additionally, Google shared an Android O teaser video on Google+ which had the file name GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4 which was later changed to OctopusTeaser.mp4 before Google decided to take it down. Now, this is either a leak of the name which is more likely to be Oreo (as speculated before) or Google is simply trolling anyone. But regardless of what it is, we will get to know everything on August 21st.