When LG launched its latest flagship phablet LG V30, it came with one major change when compared with its predecessors. It was the omission of the signature secondary display and addition of its replacement in the form of a software-based feature called Floating Bar. As the name suggests, this floating bar lets users add apps’ and other shortcuts for a faster access from anywhere on the device and anytime. This is indeed a handy feature exclusive to LG V30 users but not anymore.

A Reddit user tuannguyenht has developed an Android app which has been aptly named Floating Bar LG V30 to reflect its working. It simply replicates the functionality of Floating Bar on any Android device running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. The good thing is that the app works without root or any other advanced/complicated tweaks. It is as easy as installing and launching the app to make it work.

The app offers for shortcut categories named Apps, Tools, Contacts, and Websites. Under each category, you can set up to five shortcuts. You simply need to go to the specific category and tap on the shortcut slot to search for the particular app/tool/contact to add it. As for adding websites, you have to enter a valid URL manually. Once you have done this, simply enable the toggle and the Floating Bar will become visible on the screen.

LG V30 Floating Bar

This Floating Bar is visible in the form a virtual pull tab on the right side of the screen but you can move it around and place anywhere on the screen as per your preference. Now whenever you feel the need of using any of the shortcuts, simply tap on the tab to make the floating bar visible to its fullest and then tap the particular shortcut.

Here are the officially listed features of the Floating Bar LG V30 app:

  • Give you quick access to favourite apps, tools, website and quick dial your closed friends.
  • Add up to 4 shortcut categories (application, tool, contact, website link) and 5 shortcuts for each category.
  • Can enable/disable each category separately.
  • Allow you moving the floating bar around the screen (only movable when the bar in collapsed mode).
  • Swipe left and right on floating bar to iterate through categories.
  • Auto collapse shortcut bar when click outside the bar

If interested, you can give it a try using the link below. It should be noted that some of the features are part of in-app purchases but app shortcuts are available in free version as well.